Superhero Secret Origins

debuted in Edinburgh 2015 and
was the brainchild of comedian Andrew Roper.

Andrew was heavily involved in the successful “ Battle of the Superheroes “ Debate Format show, but wanted to do something about the history of these characters.  Where did they come from? Who created them?  What don’t you know?  That idea evolved into Superhero Secret Origins.  An interactive presentation that aims to both celebrate superheroes, and surprise you with the stories behind them.  For novices and geeks alike.

Andrew Roper has been a stand up comedian and writer for over 20 years. including a decade of Stand Up comedy performing all over London and the UK.  He has performed multiple times at Comedy Festivals in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brighton and Edinburgh.

Outside of stand up, corporate work and festivals he has also had long radio stints at TT FM, MIX FM, and GOLD FM in Australia, as well as a briefly working on a children’s show at FOX FOOTY.

Roper brings with him an air of professionalism .. impeccable delivery.
— CHORTLE ( Edinburgh Fest )
Easily the stand out of the show.
— Three Weeks ( Edinburgh Fest )