Superhero Secret Origins : Special Edition

The original interactive presentation about the history of Superheroes.  From the birth of Superman, to the Rise of Marvel, here’s a presentation full of things you thought you already knew.  As much about the creators and the times as the characters, it’s a show for geeks and novices alike.

It is very funny and very well delivered with an obvious enthusiasm for the subject matter that keeps the audience interested and laughing throughout.
★★★★ – Edinburgh 2016

Secret Origins 2: Women in Comics

The sequel!  Expanding the Superhero Comedic Universe ( yeah I know ) .

There was one thing missing from the original show – Ladies!  But that was on purpose, because they deserve a show of their own.  And here it is.  

"Women in Comics" tracks the history of female Superheroes ( heroines ? ) from the 30’s to the present day. A lot has changed… and a lot hasn’t.  With Wonder Woman about to hit the big screen, now is the time to tell the full story, and what a story it is!

Mr Roper knows his stuff….a complex examination of both the character’s feminist credentials and her creators’ unconventional lifestyles
★★★★★ – Chocolate Ocelot Edinburgh 2016